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Brock Boarding Pass: October Edition From: Brock University - IMD (international@brocku.ca) Sent: 2013-10-24 15:39:41
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A Note from the Doctor

The IMD Doctor
Welcome to the October edition of the Brock Boarding Pass!

October was an exciting month for us here at IMD! Our Special Projects and Administrative Coordinator, Jenna Novess, had the opportunity to participate in a staff exchange with one of our partners in China, Dali University. In exchange, we have been hosting Tan Lili from Dali's International Exchange and Cooperation Division.

This month, among other things, we bring you the story of an international student from Guernsey, Sir Isaac Brock's home country, and information about our Chemistry department.

Don't forget about our open house on November 3rd. We hope to be able to see you on campus then!

Happy reading!

The IMD Doctor

International Student Spotlight

CharlotteHi my name is Charlotte and I am in my fourth year at Brock studying Music with a minor in Psychology. I am from Guernsey, an island in the English Channel between England and France. This is the island where the university’s namesake, Sir Isaac Brock, spent his childhood. The university offers an undergraduate scholarship every year to a Guernsey resident, which I was fortunate to receive in 2010 and the reason I chose to study at Brock.

Prior to coming to Canada, I think I was a little naïve about the differences. Although we speak the same language, the lifestyle feels a lot more laid-back and everyone is so friendly. One of my favourite things about living in Canada is the distinct four seasons. My particular favourite is autumn, which in the Niagara region is stunning as there are so many trees and a spectacular array of colours. Also, the country is so vast. It should be noted that you cannot travel across the whole country in a matter of hours, whereas it takes a maximum of 30 minutes to get to the other side of Guernsey!

The largest difference between studying in Canada compared with Britain is the requirement for context credits. This requirement ensures that you have an all-rounded degree at the end of it and provides you a basic grounding in other subjects, which is likely to be desired by future employers.

The most challenging thing about moving to Canada was leaving behind family and friends but keeping in contact is really easy with the Internet and I still get to see them every Christmas and summer. However, it is this challenge that has made me more independent and able to find my own path in life. I have made so many new friends here, so I have never felt on my own.

I really enjoy getting involved in university life, this year I started working as the International Relations Assistant in Brock’s International Market Development department. For the past couple of years I have been one of the Music student representatives. This has involved organizing events including a charity concert last year for one of the other students in our department. I have also recently started volunteering at Brock’s Sexual Violence Support Centre, which will be a very challenging experience but will most definitely prepare me for my future career in counselling.

Finally, for anyone coming to Brock as an International student, I would advise you to make the most of your time here and immerse yourself in the community. Everyone here is so friendly and welcoming, and you will likely discover a lot more if you visit areas with locals than if you follow the typical tourist route. It is such a fantastic experience – you will not regret it!"

Program Spotlight: Chemistry

Dr. Tomas HudlickyThe Chemistry honours program and joint major program with Physics are accredited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry. The program offers two Co-op Chemistry options, including a unique research-intensive option. In addition, it offers Biochemistry and Biotechnology undergraduate programs, jointly with the Biological Sciences department. The Brock Chemistry department is an ideal size to which they are able to offer a chemistry program of the highest quality, where both teaching and research are emphasized.

Recently Tomas Hudlicky, one of Brock’s Chemistry researchers, has been highlighted in the news for outstanding achievements. In early April 2013, Hudlicky was named Innovator of the Year from the Ontario Partnership for Innovation and Commercialization. This award comes with a prize of $5,000 to support his continuing research. Dr. Hudlicky has developed efficient and ‘green’ processes for the production of many medicines, resulting in a cleaner environment and relief for thousands of patients. His research also centres on new pain and cancer medicines and natural product synthesis. More recently, Dr. Hudlicky has been elected a fellow in The Royal Society of Canada, which is the highest honour a scholar can receive in Arts, Humanities and Sciences. His breakthroughs in green chemistry included more efficient and environmentally conscious ways to create synthetic versions of morphine or Tamiflu-like drugs, earning him the reputation of being one of North America’s top organic researchers.

Staff Spotlight

Lili and JennaJenna Novess, our Special Projects and Administrative Coordinator here at IMD, is completing a three-week staff exchange with one of our partners, Dali University in Yunnan Province, China. While Jenna is in China, she will be working with Dali University staff on a variety of initiatives and learning more about Dali University. Tan Lili from Dali University is joining us here at Brock for four weeks. Lili works in the International Exchange and Cooperation Division (IECD) of Dali University and is working with us on a variety on initiatives and learning more about Brock University while she is here. 

There are many similarities between IMD and IECD; we both work with a wide variety of students, institutions and organizations all over the world. We have many of the same challenges and have built strong working relationships both inside and outside of our institutions to meet them. We also have the same dedication to supporting students – an absolute must in International education. Perhaps the biggest difference between our offices is that IECD is the main contact for supporting international students (and international faculty members) after they arrive on campus, a responsibility which is shared by the faculties, departments and offices at Brock.

Follow Jenna and Lili's journey through this album.

Events on Campus
Brock Fall Preview Day Canada's Wonderland

Brock Fall Preview Day
November 3rd 

An opportunity for incoming high school students to come and visit Brock, meet faculty, staff and students and learn all there is to know about Brock University before applying! Take part in an Information Fair, information sessions, as well as campus and residence tours.

Trip to Canada's Wonderland
October 26th

Canada's Wonderland is Canada's premiere amusement park! It is full of thrilling rides for everyone of all ages. It's newest ride, Leviathan, boasts speeds of 125 mph with an 80 degree drop! This is the last open weekend of the season for the park until it re-opens in May 2014.

Ten Thousand Villages Exchange Fair

Ten Thousand Villages Sale
October 28th-November 1st

For a limited time only, Ten Thousand Villages is coming to Brock at the Sean O'Sullivan Theatre. Check out the beautiful selection of handmade jewelry, indulge in some delicious Fair Trade coffee, and browse the hand-carved puzzles and games. You're sure to find the perfect gift for someone, or maybe even yourself!

Exchange Fair

November 6th

Learn about your Exchange and Study Abroad Opportunities at our annual fair! Brock has exchange agreements with universities around the world, as well as many short-term international experimental learning opportunities during the Spring/Summer sessions. This is your chance to learn about exchanges available through BU!

Events in the Niagara Region
Niagara Falls International Marathon

Niagara Falls International Marathon
October 27th

The 16th annual Niagara Falls International Marathon attracts more than 6,000 registered participants to Niagara Falls, Ontario. The Marathon features a number of events throughout the weekend, is a Boston Marathon Qualifier and is one of only few Marathons in the World to start in one country and finish in another. In addition the Niagara Falls International Marathon is a supporter of events that promote activity through the sport of running throughout the Niagara Region. For more information, please visit niagarafallsmarathon.com

Oktoberfest All Hallow's Eve at Old Fort Erie


October 26th

The Niagara German Canadian Club will hold its fourth annual Oktoberfest featuring the Polka King and Grammy Award winner Walter Ostanek. Enjoy traditional German food, and beer! Hosted in Niagara's own German Village!

All Hallow's Eve at Old Fort Erie
October 25th & 26th

Old Fort Erie is a historical landmark of the War of 1812, a monumental part of Canada's past. Learn about Canada's past and the traditions of the fort for All Hallow's Eve. It is guaranteed to be a spooky night!

IMD Travel Schedule

If we will be in your area and you would like to set up a meeting or have us do a presentation, email us at  international@brocku.ca

Our tentative travel schedule for the next three months includes:

October 2013
  • Canada
    -- Ontario
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Trinidad
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
    -- Michigan
    -- New York
    -- California
November 2013
  • Bahamas
  • Bermuda
  • Canada
    -- Alberta
    -- Ontario
    -- Quebec
  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • United States
    -- New York
    -- Pennsylvania 

December 2013

  • Antigua
  • Canada
  • -- Ontario
  • China
  • St. Lucia
  • Vietnam
  • United States
    -- New York
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